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Kids Dental Care

Providing kids dental services is a precarious profession. Alexandra Hills Dental makes sure every child is safe and secure on the premises. Furthermore, we make sure your children are comfortable before, during and after all dental procedures.

To provide you the most superior kids dental care, we encourage parent involvement as much as possible. Our friendly, carrying team makes sure we inform you every step of the way when planning the right treatment courses for your children.


Australian Government Financial Support for Kids Dental for Kids from the age of 2 - 17

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Our Services for Zero to Six years Old Children

The most important time to teach someone how to take care of their teeth is when they are children. Of course, you will take responsibility for that before the children are old enough to talk. However, you can instill the positive habits in them that will help them have healthy teeth for as long as possible.

Here are some important facts about taking care of children’s teeth:

  • Taking care of the first set of teeth increases likelihood second set will grow properly in place.
  • Baby teeth actually start to form before he or she is born until the child is three years old.
  • Thumb and finger sucking could alter teeth position in children more than six years old.
  • You have to be careful what you give your baby to drink before bedtime. It can cause tooth decay.
  • Children seem to be less scare if you are honest with them about the dental experience.
  • Dental visits should be scheduled as early as possible – and as young as possible.

We dedicate ourselves to explaining to your children all aspects of receiving dental care. In the process, we also have a variety of resources available to help you prepare for their first and subsequent visits. For instance, they might be curious about what kinds of tools are used during the cleaning. They also might want to know that you are there with them and that they are safe when we are treating them.

Most importantly, we try to make every dental visit as fun as possible for them. That is why we try to provide visual education for them whenever possible. In addition, we use various forms of positive reinforcement to help your children stay accountable with taking care of your teeth.

Start your Children off Right

We want to help you start your children off on the right path to taking care of their teeth. We will do whatever we can to help them overcome their fears as well. Whatever we can do to keep them wanting to return, we will do it. Furthermore, most children usually do not have very much tooth decay (although it does happen). Therefore, convincing them that their hygiene visit will not hurt usually is not that hard.

However, even in situations that might require anesthesia, we also help calm them using soft music. We also might provide them with humorous antidotes or whatever else we can to keep them relaxed.

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Please contact Alexandra Hills Dental with all information you need about pediatric dental care. We will provide you with all the options you need to help your child maintain a healthy smile. In addition, we will provide you with resources to help them continue to have white teeth and a cavity-free mouth.