Missing Teeth Replacement

Alexandra Hills Dental offers the best solutions for correcting missing teeth available today. Before we decide to offer you bridges, crowns, dentures or implants, we will make sure that we know about your medical history and previous dental treatment. We ensure your total comfort and safety from the time of your first consultation to the end of your last treatment session.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

It will help you regain your confidence when smiling or talking to others. No longer will you be embarrassed by that unsightly gap between your teeth! The benefits are more than just aesthetics though. It can also help general function (chewing), pronunciation of words, preventing the movement of other teeth, and much more.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Preparing Your Teeth for Prosthetic Replacement

We make sure your bridges, dentures, implants and crowns are fitted precisely to the spaces in your mouth. This will prevent the spread of bacteria. Before dental work is started, we may also ask you questions about your health history. This will prevent allergic reactions or neglect of more serious problems that need to be addressed right now.

In addition, we make sure your gums, jawbone and roots are all intact before inserting any kind of prosthetic tooth. This is true if you have removable dentures, implants, crowns or other replacement materials. Most importantly, we examine your mouth to make sure you also do not need treatment for gum disease.

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We can correct your smile and your jawbone before the situation causes worse problems. Let us help you overcome the fear of seeing a dentist and having your teeth improved. Contact us by email or phone if you have any questions about our services.