Emergency Dental

When receiving dental care at Alexandra Hills Dental, you are treated the same way we would treat our own family members. We consider all aspects of care before formulating the treatment options that would be available for you. We offer compassion assistance to adults and children of all ages to ensure you are comfortable with our procedures.


Guaranteed SAME DAY appointment if you call before 10am
Allocated Emergency Toothache appointment AVAILABLE daily!
Emergency Dental - Toothache

Reasons Why You Might Need Emergency Services

Maybe you or your child has a toothache or is experiencing some kind of soreness or discomfort. If so, you should not ignore it. Untreated dental symptoms could lead to a variety of serious health conditions that might require even more dental care or prevent you from coming to work.

We offer next day guaranteed emergency spots, just phone us during our business hours and we will book you in for an emergency appointment.

We treat you with high level compassion and see to it that you never feel uncomfortable when you visit us.

Some Common Emergency Dental Cases We Treat

  • Swelling of gums
  • Toothaches
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Lost or damaged fillings
  • Displaced crowns or bridges
  • Traumatised teeth
  • Pain from a root canal problem
  • Worsening of a cavity
  • Wisdom tooth pain

Additional Emergency Issues

Sometimes tooth pain and discomfort happens after bacterial infection. This could happen after an accident you might not have thought was severe at first. In any case, we see to it that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire dental experience. We will walk you through the best treatment option. We are trained to respond to any emergency situation and know how to treat all critical issues.

If you are in pain, act now for emergency treatment! Call 07 3824 4488

Call immediately and we will provide you the best course of action. If you are concerned about how to pay for the service, please do not worry. We will inform you of the different funding options available to you.