If you have issues with your teeth aligning, or a bad bite – also known as malocclusion- you should see an orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment aims to correct these issues, giving you a more comfortable bite and beautifully straight teeth.

Straight Teeth – More Than Just Cosmetics

While straight teeth certainly look great, there are many reasons to pursue a winning smile. Crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw can cause complications such as:

  • Create uneven wear and cracks in teeth

  • Challenges biting and chewing food

  • Speech impediments

  • Gum damage

  • Headaches

  • Jaw strain

  • Temporomandibular joint disorder

  • Harder to clean leading to more decays

When To See A Specialist Orthodontist

Your first orthodontic visit should be before you’re even aware there is an issue. It is recommended that children between the ages of 7-9 are assessed by an orthodontist or a specially trained dentist.

Here at Alexandra Hills Dental, Dr Webert Chen has undergone further study to be able to provide orthodontic treatment to his patients. In every routine dental check up, your teeth’s alignment will be checked, and in the case of children, options provided to prevent further complications at different stages of growth. But don’t be deterred if you’re over 18! Orthodontic diagnosis & treatment is becoming more and more popular among adults, and it’s never too late to get that winning smile!


Treatment Options

The best time to begin orthodontic treatment plans is around the age of 12 when the last of the baby teeth have fallen and adult teeth have taken their place. Orthodontic treatment can be implemented at any age with good outcomes, however, treatment in adults tends to take longer. This is due to adolescent jawbones being softer and easier to manipulate as they are still growing.

For some significant malocclusions, braces alone may not be sufficient and surgery may be required to get the ideal result.

Get Optimal Results With Alexandra Hills Dental

Our orthodontic consultations are designed to be thorough and help us formulate the best possible plan for you. In addition to visually checking your mouth and teeth we will:

  1. Take an impression of your teeth and use it to create a 3d mould.
  2. Take detailed photographs of your jaw, mouth and teeth.
  3. X-ray your teeth and jaw.
  4. Discuss any concerns you have regarding pain or difficulty from your teeth and jaw.
If you believe you could benefit from an orthodontic consult, contact us on 07 3824 4488. Our expert team is ready to help.