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Why Are My Teeth Yellow

Yellow, stained and discoloured teeth can really impact on your self-esteem. Whitening your teeth may seem like the easy solution. However, it is important to understand why your teeth yellow or stain in the first place. This can help you avoid further yellowing and maintain a healthier smile. What Causes [...]

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A Dentist That Offers ZipPay

Have you been putting off dental work? Ignoring a nagging toothache or missed having a deep clean? If you’re avoiding the dentist because of worries about the cost. You may be happy to know that some dentists now offer Zippay. Alexandra Hills Dental is one of those, we also pride [...]

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Dentist with AfterPay

Dental work can be expensive. But that is no reason to put off having necessary treatment. Why live in pain and risk further damage? With easy payment options such as afterpay available at Alexandra Hills Dental, having the perfect smile has never been easier. Does your current dentist offer afterpay? [...]

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Gap-Free Dentist

There is nothing better than knowing your teeth are in perfect condition. One of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy is by regular visits to the dentist. The sad truth is, many of us avoid the dentist, if not out of a genuine fear, then out of [...]

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Cheap Dentist – Affordable Quality

Dental work is expensive. Knowing you need dental work is enough to strike fear both in yourself and for your bank balance. Finding a quality, cheap dentist that you can trust can be incredibly challenging. Enter Alexandra Hills Dental. Conveniently located in Burwood Heights Shopping Centre in Alexandra Hills, [...]

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