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We want to ensure your child has the best start to their dental care, which is why we go above and beyond to make them as comfortable and at ease as possible each and every visit. We know the dentist can be a scary place when you are young (and sometimes for the adults too!), which is why we encourage parents to get involved as possible, creating a team effort of comfort and reassurance. We talk to you and your child every step of the way, to make sure we are offering the right treatment options for both your needs.
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From Zero To Six Years Old

Starting off healthy habits from a young age can go a long way to preventing future teeth and gum issues in little ones. As parents, teaching your child to brush their teeth as early as possible instils good habits that they will carry with them for life.
Here are some tips to put you on the right track:
  • There is a misconception that baby teeth eventually fall out, so we shouldn’t focus too much on them. However, taking care of the first set of teeth increases the likelihood of the second set will grow properly in place.
  • Baby teeth actually start to form before your child is born until they are three years old.
  • Thumb and finger sucking could alter teeth position in children more than six years old.
  • You need to be careful about what you give your child to drink before bedtime as it can cause tooth decay. Even something as simple as taking a bottle of milk to bed at night can cause damage as it sits in their mouth overnight.
  • Children seem to be less scared if you are honest to them about your dental experience.
  • Dental visits should be scheduled as early and routinely as possible.

We have plenty of resources available to help you prepare for your child’s first dental visit and all follow-ups. We understand that kids are curious little people, and are only too happy to help feed this nature in them, explaining exactly what we are doing each step of the way and what tools we are using to help keep their teeth clean.

The dentist shouldn’t be a scary place for children. It should be both informative and fun. With plenty of positive reinforcement from our friendly team, your child will feel at ease and enjoy their regular dentist trips.

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A Great Head Start

When it comes to offering the best head start to children and their teeth, it is important to help them overcome their fears and convince them that their dental visits won’t be painful. At such a young age, it is unlikely your child is suffering from tooth decay or any serious problems that need attention, so it is a simple matter of making their routine visits as much fun as possible.

If they do need more serious attention, we understand this can be stressful not only for your child, but you as a parent too. We make the environment as calm and inviting as possible, with music to help you both relax and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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