Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth can cause more problem then just toothache.

Common Problems Caused By Wisdom Tooth

If your jaw is not large enough, it will not allow room for your wisdom tooth to grow. When this happens, the wisdom tooth might become impacted in your jaw. The teeth might be trapped at an angle, while other times they might be trapped horizontally or vertically beneath the gum tissue.

In other cases, your tooth might only grow part way and then a flap of gum tissue might grow over it. This could lead to bacterial infection if food particles become stuck between the excess gum tissue and teeth.

Wisdom tooth crowding could also cause your teeth to grow in a way that they cut into your cheeks. The chance of this happening increases if your teeth and jaw bones are not properly aligned.

Why have Wisdom Tooth Removed?

They are not essential for daily functioning. They can become more problematic and cause inflammation and pain when chewing, talking, laughing or smiling. You will want to remove them if you want to live more comfortably. You can also have your wisdom tooth removed so you don’t have to worry about bleeding that occurs when accidentally biting your cheeks.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Wisdom tooth extraction is similar to removing a decayed tooth. It starts with an oral examination which includes an X-Ray. This helps our staff know exactly what kind of impact your wisdom tooth has caused above and below the gum surface.

Our dentists do not start the extraction process until after asking you a series of health questions. Once we know enough about your medical and dental history, we then continue with removing your wisdom tooth.

Preparing for your Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have any questions about how to prepare for wisdom teeth removal, please contact us. We will tell you how much time you need to fast beforehand (no food or drink for about six to eight hours).

During the Extraction Procedure

We provide anaesthesia to remove pain or discomfort during the tooth extraction process. The process is very fast and takes less than an hour as long as no major complications occur.

After Your Wisdom Tooth Is Extracted

We will tell you to avoid chewing hard foods for at least 24 hours – or at the very least not to chew on areas that still needs healing. You are also advised not to drink alcohol or smoke for at least for a day or two because it can irritate the space where the tooth was pulled.

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Please email or call us with any questions you have about the wisdom tooth extraction service provided by Alexandra Hills Dental. We guarantee that all work will be performed according to your best interest.