Cavities and Fillings

Alexandra Hills Dental provides the most current solutions for people seeking help with active caries or filling holes in teeth and we only restore teeth with white fillings.

White Or Teeth-Coloured Fillings?

White fillings or tooth-coloured fillings are now being used more often than traditional mercury ones. The reason is because they are more attractive of the teeth unlike the mercury types. After receiving white fillings, you will not only feel more at peace that you are restoring your natural teeth, but you will also feel more confident when you smile.

The Benefits of Fillings

  • You can avoid swallowing harmful mercury substances. Therefore, the white or colour adhesive filling material is safer for you.
  • They are highly customisable. This means you are able to have fillings that coordinate exactly to your natural teeth. The end result will be barely noticeable to others.
  • The filling requires less tooth removal. Although we must remove the decay and clean the affected tooth, less is still removed. This further adds to the durability of the filling when applied to your natural tooth.

Usually, the white or natural-looking substance that is added to your teeth is made of composite materials. Our staff will answer any questions you have about this new way of removing cavities and add fillings.

Our Cavities and Fillings Process

Before we fill your tooth, we remove all the decay. We make sure it is as clean as possible. We use the most advanced bonding agent, “3M ESPE S3”. The bond helps reduce post operative sensitivity. We also make sure it is sterilised to prevent further spread of bacteria that otherwise could accumulate and spread to other areas of the mouth.

We also might combine a variety of other techniques such as light sanding to ensure that the filling material adheres properly. We measure the exact shape if bonding material is needed, and we sculpt it to perfection to replicate your natural teeth.

Replacing Broken or Chipped Teeth

Aside from repairing cavities and providing white fillings, we also use dental composite to repair chipped or broken teeth. This solution is often preferred because it costs less than pulling the entire tooth and replacing it with an implant.

This is a process that the dentists at Alexandra Hills Dental carefully considers before administering treatment. The objective regardless of whether you need fillings or adhesive bonding is to prevent further decay.

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Please email or call us with any questions you have about cavities and fillings services provided by Alexandra Hills Dental. We guarantee that all work will be performed according to your best interest.