What is a Root Canal Infection?

A root canal infection is an inflammation of the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue inside your teeth. This deformity of your tooth occurs after it becomes infected. It swells up once bacteria enters it, and it could require tooth removal unless it is repaired.

What Causes a Root Canal Infection?

It often starts with tooth cracking that occurred because of excessive grinding or accident injury. It also might be the result of tooth decay that later turns into a cavity. In either case, swelling and pain occurs once bacteria from your mouth entered your broken tooth.

How We Address Common Root Canal Problems

When resolving root canal issues, we pinpoint the area of pain during the initial examination period. This typically includes taking an X-Ray of your teeth so we can analyse the problem area below the gum line.

After the preliminary analysis, we decide if we can preserve your original tooth instead of extracting it, and replacing it with a prosthetic one. If your condition warrants root canal therapy, we then remove the dead or inflamed pulp that is trapped in the centre of the tooth. Once removed, we clean and sterilise the affected area. Then, we seal the tooth with a special filling material that prevents future infections.

What to Expect When Seeking Root Canal Therapy

Correcting a root canal infection can take up to three or four therapy sessions. We will also tell you if you need a dental crown once the root canal treatments are completed.

We assure you that the process is safe and painless because we administer anesthetic when treating you. It will take very little effort to correct the situation if we can detect the problem early.

How to Prevent Future Root Canal Problems

Alexandra Hills Dental has your best interest at heart when we encourage you to receive regular checkups. When you see us at least once every six months, it can prevent the need for any root canal treatments. We can usually save the tooth by spotting and treating issues early before the issue becomes serious.

However, we also know that accidents happen. Even people who are the most conscientious about taking care of their teeth sometimes have problems. Please contact us with any questions you have about root canal therapy.

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