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Our Services

More than Just “Physical” Work

Alexandra Hills Dental provides routine hygiene services and preventative dental advice that helps reduce the probability of cavities, gingivitis and enamel loss. We can educate you on how to prevent periodontal disease. To keep your teeth as healthy as possible, we will teach you the importance of brushing your teeth daily, flossing, and being mindful of your diet to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. If you’re wanting an attractive smile, we provide teeth whitening procedures and veneers. We also offer ‘Invisalign Braces’ for a seamless teeth-straightening experience. ‘Advanced Dental’ work can also be provided to further enhance your attractive smile.

First Time Checkup and Cleaning

If you do not currently have a health fund, you can schedule a first time checkup and cleaning for only $145.00. We offer this financial assistance because we want to make sure that everyone in your family receives much-needed services

You also have the option of receiving assistance from DentiCare. Just register with them and pay a one-time fee of $39.00, and they will sign up to acquire funding for you on your behalf. This kind of help has already been provided to thousands of individuals and families. People who otherwise could not afford dentistry work have finally received the care they require, and you can be next.

Only $145

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Payment Method

No out of pocket expense, or no health refund $145

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We are happy to help you feel confident about receiving care from our licensed dentists, assistants and surgeons. To make sure we provide the best service, our team will examine your teeth, gums and mouth before performing any dental work. We do not begin treating you until we have acquired important facts about your medical history. This ensures maximum safety while using the best technology that the dental industry has to offer. We look forward to providing you attentive general care, innovative cosmetic treatments, and advanced tooth repair. You can expect us to respond fast to urgent requests. Please call us for an appointment or email any time if you have any questions.