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General Dental Care at Alexandra Hills

When receiving general dental care at Alexandra Hills Dental, you are treated the same way we would treat a celebrity. In the process, we consider all aspects of care before choosing the solution that would be most appropriate for you. In addition, we offer compassionate assistance to adults and children of all ages, and we make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Our friendly, supportive staff also provides you with education about dentistry services before we perform any actions. You will know what to expect before, during and after every appointment. Please read the following descriptions of our services:

  • Preventative care – We want you to keep that bright smile and all your teeth. Therefore, we offer you the latest in technology and methods when providing routine hygiene. Our services help remove the plaque and tartar that could accumulate and cause gum disease. In addition, we will show you the best technique to keep your teeth clean.. All of this will help you preserve your teeth for a lifetime.
  • Cavities and fillings – Before we fill a tooth, we clean the affected area and remove the decay. This ensures the best results come time to fill a cavity with material that matches the shame and colour of your teeth.
  • Missing Teeth – It is imperative that you receive the best in solutions for missing teeth. At Alexandra Hills, we provide exactly that. We offer a selection of crowns, bridges, implants and more. You can smile more confidently, and you can chew your food easier after having missing teeth replaced.
  • Extractions – No one likes to have a tooth extracted. However, we provide as pain-free of a procedure as possible. Our team will encourage you and comfort you before the process begins.
  • Bridges – We provide the most attractive, permanent, and non-irritating bridge solutions available. Our system replacing missing teeth makes it easier for you to chew, and it can improve your appearance, cause less headaches and align your jaw.
  • Crowns – We provide the latest in aesthetically appealing porcelain crowns. They are designed to fit the colour and shape of your natural teeth. Our newest solutions are much more attractive than former tooth repair methods.
  • Wisdom Teeth – The pain associated with wisdom teeth is never pleasant. In our office, you are provided with the utmost in advanced tooth extraction care. The process will be completed as efficiently as possible so you can resume your regular activities.
  • Root Canal Treatments – If you feel a sharp pain when chewing your food, you might need root canal therapy. This kind of treatment usually entails removing the inflamed portions of tooth pulp in order to stop toothaches.
  • First Time (Check up & Clean for $145) – We welcome a variety of types of funding. However, you might not have any private insurance right now that pays for dental work. We have this inexpensive rate, plus you can ask us how to request financial assistance from DentiCare.

We welcome all new patients. Call Alexandra Hills any time or please send us an email if you have any questions about our services, staff or treatments.