What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth or teeth that are badly damaged. The dental implant procedure involves placing small metal screw-like rods into your jaw bones. Each one of these replaces a tooth root, and serves as the foundation for an artificial tooth.

A high quality tooth replacement will leave you with artificial teeth that look and function like natural teeth. At Alex Hills Dental, we have an impressive success rate for this surgical procedure. Contact us to book a consultation with one of our dental specialists.

The benefits of dental implants

  • This is a modern alternative to a dental bridge.
  • Dental implants can replace a dental bridge or dentures that don’t fit well.
  • It is a suitable option for patients who lack sufficient natural teeth roots.
  • Dental implants provide a solid support for new artificial teeth.
  • Unlike dental bridges and dentures, there is no possibility of dental implants slipping, making a sound, or causing bone damage.
  • When you are missing a tooth, the jaw bone in that space starts to deteriorate. Dental implants not only prevent this bone loss, but stimulate natural bone growth.
  • The materials used to make dental implants don’t decay. They are bio-compatible and can last a lifetime.
  • Dental implants keep the adjacent teeth stable. The teeth on either side of an implant won’t be pulled out of position and become crooked (which causes a range of other dental problems).
  • A dental implant will lessen the risk of gum disease and other oral health concerns that typically arise when there is a gap in your teeth.

How dental implants can improve your life

  • A smile reconstruction means that you can now smile with confidence! You no longer have to feel self-conscious about your tooth loss.
  • If you are missing multiple teeth, it is likely that you have difficulty eating. A dental implant will function like a natural tooth. You will be able to chew and eat normally, without feeling any discomfort.
  • Similarly, missing several teeth can have a negative impact on your speech. Having dental implants provides you with the opportunity to improve your speech so that you can talk with confidence.
  • Dental implants will prevent the facial sagging and premature aging that is usually seen in patients who are missing multiple teeth.

The types of dental implants available

An implant is a great way to fill in any gaps due to missing teeth. They are permanent fixtures that, once healed, you treat as a regular tooth! At Alex Hills Dental, we only use dental implants made using the latest dental technology.

A dental implant is made from titanium and integrates with your jaw bone. But how does this work?

Our dental surgeon surgeon will place a titanium screw into your jaw bone. For the next three to six months, you will have regular consultations with your surgeon in order to monitor the progress of your treatment and make sure that your bone is growing and “latching” onto the titanium screw (dental implant). This process of integrating the metal screw with your jaw bone is called Osseointegration.

Once this integration is final, you are referred back to our general dentist. Our general dentist will place a top quality dental crown over the metal screw. This dental crown is the visible part that makes it look like a tooth!

With proper hygiene habits, this implant can last a lifetime!

How our clinic can help you with your dental implant needs:

In additional to general dental services, Alex Hills Dental also offers specialised dental treatments including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

Because we have a multi-disciplinary team, we can ensure that you receive excellent care throughout the process of your treatment.

Initially, you will have a thorough evaluation so that we can determine how best to tailor our treatments to your needs. This initial stage includes:

  • a comprehensive dental examination
  • a thorough review of your medical and dental history
  • development of a tailored treatment plan for the best possible results

Dental implant surgery usually involves several stages, with time between stages to allow for healing and integration. Typically, the process of dental implant surgery includes the following stages:

  • removal of any damaged teeth
  • jawbone preparation (including bone grafting) when needed
  • dental implant placement (titanium screw)
  • bone growth and healing (osseointegration)
  • abutment placement
  • artificial tooth placement (dental crown)

Our team will ensure that you have all the necessary information and guidance to help ensure your surgery is a success. We will let you know what to expect at each stage of your treatment plan, and ensure you receive thorough post-operative care.

For any queries about the procedure or related concerns such as health insurance, please contact our friendly team for assistance.