A broken tooth is not only painful, it brings immediate feelings of stress and anxiety. The immediate thought of most is ‘my tooth broke, can it be fixed?’ The answer is both yes, and no. While it is not possible to have a tooth grow back together such as with a broken bone, it is possible to repair it.

Is A Broken Tooth Serious?

A slightly chipped tooth is likely not an emergency. However a complete break and loss of a large piece of your tooth is an issue. Aside from the pain, a broken tooth can also pose a risk of infection in the tooth, loss of other teeth and even a full body infection.

If you are unsure how serious the break is, or are experiencing significant pain, it is important to contact your dentist immediately. They will be able to walk you through your treatment options.

Methods For Tooth Repair

Depending on how your tooth broke and how significant the damage is, your dentist will suggest one of the following methods to fix it:

  1. Should the damage be very small, a filling may be able to correct some of the break.
  2. A crown, should the tooth be significantly damaged a crown may be the best way to rebuild the tooth.
  3. Veneers, made of composite resin or porcelain, veneers are wafer thin covers applied to the front of damaged teeth. They can repair shape, cracking and damage from grinding.
  4. Bonding, a tooth coloured composite resin is used to fill the cracks or rebuild the tooth.
  5. Dental implants, should the tooth not be able to be saved and must be removed, don’t stress! A dental implant can be put in its place after a period of healing.

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