Keeping your smile healthy and cavity free is something we all hope to achieve through daily brushing. However, brushing morning and night is not enough to completely tackle plaque and hardened tartar, this is where a clean and scale at your dentist can help.

What Is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning at your dentist is usually called a scale and clean. During a scale and clean, your dentist will use a variety of tools to gently scrape any hardened tartar from your teeth, clean between your teeth and polish them. First an overall inspection of the teeth is done using a dental pick, then a scaler is used to scrape away tartar. A water pick may also be used to clean between the teeth. To finish, a tool similar to an electric toothbrush is used to polish the surfaces of the teeth and remove superficial stains.

Why Teeth Cleaning Matters

Even if you are the most dedicated person when it comes to your oral hygiene routine, brushing and flossing at home isn’t enough to truly clean your teeth. When plaque on our teeth hardens and turns into tartar, it requires specialist cleaning techniques to remove. If you do not remove tartar you are more susceptible to infections, cavities and gum disease.

Poor oral health and hygiene has been linked to a variety of serious health conditions such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Unhealthy teeth and gums also can lead to loss of your teeth, this is why it is so important to make time for a scale and clean at your dentist.

At Alexandra Hills Dental, our team of caring and highly skilled dentists can thoroughly and gently clean your teeth. We can perform this as part of your usual dental check-up and also carry out a fluoride treatment to help further protect your teeth from decay.

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