Have you ever had a toothache or realised you need professional cleaning of your teeth but put it off due to the cost? Like so many dental patients, you may be wondering why does the dentist cost so much? There are many factors that go into determining the cost of dental work and believe us when we say we try to keep it as affordable as possible.

Why Does The Dentist Cost So Much?

Unlike other health services such as visiting your GP, dental is not subsidised by the government. This means all of the costs involved must be covered by the patient. However, just like your doctors and specialists, dentists are held to the same legal protocols and legislation. There are significant costs involved with meeting these standards, such as:

  • Maintaining high-level hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Employing qualified and skilled staff (for each patient, around 3 staff members are required per visit)
  • Renting or buying approved premises that are purpose-built or fitted-out with state of the art technology. Each examination room is akin to a small surgical theatre – complete with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment that is regularly updated to remain compliant.
  • Materials used for fillings, crowns, bridges, implants etc are highly specialised and expensive.
  • The creation of natural-looking dentures, crowns and bridges take a high level of skill that takes years of expensive education and study to master.

All of these factors and more come together to determine the cost of dental work in Australia.

We’re Here To Help

At Alexandra Hills Dental, our goal is always to provide exceptional quality dentistry at the best price we can offer. We will always do whatever we can to support your access to our services, including offering a variety of payment solutions.

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