Dental treatment can be expensive or affordable. Knowing you need dental work is enough to strike fear both in yourself and your bank balance. Finding a quality, cheap dentist that you can trust can be incredibly challenging. Enter Alexandra Hills Dental. Conveniently located in Burwood Heights Shopping Centre in Alexandra Hills, we make dental care easy and affordable.

My Affordable Dentist

Leaving your teeth unattended to, or ignoring a known issue is never a good idea. Yet for so many of us, the concerns around the prohibitive costs of dental work mean we neglect our dental health. Creating more damage and often pain.

But not all dentists are the same. It is possible to find excellent dental care without an excessively high price tag. Affordable quality care for you and your family is achievable, a cheap dentist, doesn’t have to mean a bad one!

Why Choose Alexandra Hills Dentist?

At Alexandra Hills Dental, we are more concerned with your oral health than our bottom line. We are committed to providing quality and affordable dental care, and this is what makes us different to other dental clinics. We offer interest-free payment plans via numerous avenues to ensure that no matter your situation, you can get the care you need and deserve. Whether you need root canal treatment, remove a wisdom tooth, or other common dental treatments – we are here to help you.

We understand that everyone’s situation is as unique as their teeth. Our aim is to tailor care and payment in a way that makes you comfortable. Reducing stress and anxiety in the process. From simple cleans to more complex dentistry such as braces, crowns, implants and more – we can handle it all. No matter your age or any pre-existing fear around dental work, our expert team will ensure you feel safe and in control.

If you are ready to tackle your teeth, get a new treatment plan, or just to organise a check-up, contact Alexandra Hills Dental today on 07 3824 4488 or book an appointment via our handy online portal. Private health insurance options available.