Mother Theresa famously said ‘peace begins with a smile’. It’s true that a smile can change a face or situation in an instant. But what if your smile gives you no peace, causing you pain or embarrassment? You need the support and expertise of a dentist. If you live in Alexandra Hills, Queensland then Alexandra Hills Dental are the experts you’ve been looking for.

Essential Self-Care

So often we prioritise our physical health but ignore our oral health. Aside from brushing twice daily and the occasional floss, our mouths and teeth are largely ignored. Leaving a trip to the dentist until you are in pain or experiencing problems is less than ideal. Seeing your dentist at least once annually for a check-up and clean should be a priority.

Having a fantastic personal or family dentist that you see each year makes it easier to track changes in your teeth. It also means that children grow-up with great dental habits and with any luck, no fear of the dentist! Dentophobia or dental fear/anxiety affects a huge number of people. Often as a result of a painful dental procedure or traumatic experience, it can keep individuals from visiting the dentist. Even when in pain. Often the fear of what treatment may cost also keeps people away.

Why Choose Alexandra Hills Dental?

 At Alexandra Hills Dental, we understand that coming to the dentist makes you feel vulnerable and at times, scared. We are committed to ensuring all our patients are supported and comfortable throughout treatment. And that treatment remains affordable.

Our expert dentists cover all aspects of dental care such as:

General check-ups

  • Emergency dental
  • Children’s dental
  • Cosmetic dental


We can formulate specific care plans for ongoing treatment as needed and payment plans to match. Our goal is to ensure everyone has access to proper dental care. Contact us today at Alexandra Hills Dental on 07 3824 4488.